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In today's challenging market and with the proliferation of real estate websites it is critical to maximize the effectiveness of your website with ease of navigation and completeness of information. Many of today's sophisticated buyers utilize the internet to peruse the inventory of available homes. How do you accurately convey to each prospective buyer what a particular house has to offer them? The standard listing details provide only basic data and accompanying photos can offer some visual details, but how do you tie it all together?
New home sellers provide potential buyers with Marketing Floor Plans. Why? Because Marketing Floor Plans are the only visual aid which allows the prospective buyer to quickly visualize the size, orientation and layout of each home, something photos/videos alone cannot accomplish. The buyer can refer to the Marketing Floor Plans hours, days or even weeks after a tour, allowing them to remember a home's details and helping them to reach their buying decision quicker.

In spite of best intentions, home tours can sometimes include properties that don't really meet the buyer's needs and wants. This process is time consuming and costly for both the buyer and Realtor (seller, too). Worse yet, a home tour can sometimes be non-productive.

Why? Because there wasn't sufficient detail available about the homes before the tour was taken.

Give your client more than just the usual "specs". The generic "3 BR, 2 BA" (etc.) listing info doesn't provide enough detail. Accompanying photos help but can't show the entire home; only a combination of listing info, photos and a Marketing Floor Plan allow the buyer to quickly determine:

True, home tours provide most of these answers but tours take a lot of time (theirs and yours). Would your tours be more efficient if the buyer could more effectively 'pre-qualify' available houses so you could help them focus on those that meet their needs better?
What if you could provide more details of your listings BEFORE going on a tour, thereby allowing your buyers to do a better job of
'pre-qualifying' the available houses?

You can provide those details with a Marketing Floor Plan from Plans and Pix!

What are the advantages of Plans and Pix Marketing Floor Plans and HD Wide Angle Photos?

Plans and Pix Marketing Floor Plans provide a visual of each home's pertinent details (room shape, size, window and door locations, etc.) and each room's relationship to the entire home. After touring several homes it is easy to become confused as to which house had which features. Providing potential buyers with the Marketing Floor Plan of each home provides a way for them to easily make notations about each home, which they can refer to later.

HD Wide Angle Photography offers a wider field of vision and captures more visual detail about a room than standard snapshots and allows the potential buyer to better visualize the elements of each space, particularly when used in conjunction with the Marketing Floor Plan.Our HD Wide Angle Photos are labeled and referenced to each room in the Plans and Pix Marketing Floor Plan.

Plans and Pix products are designed to help you increase your sales potential by helping you provide more thorough and effective site details on your website, flyers, tours, etc.

Including Marketing Floor Plan handouts helps maximize the effectiveness of the 'Brokers Open' tours; let's face it, after looking at numerous homes within a few hours it's hard to remember each detail. By providing them with Marketing Floor Plans of your listings they can call their clients while holding the plan as they describe the home, then fax/e-mail the Marketing Floor Plan to the client.

You can provide Marketing Floor Plans for your 'Open House' events. Potential buyers are always impressed with a Marketing Floor Plan. It would be easy for a buyer to tour between 6 and 25 homes a weekend. After that many homes, which ones are they going to remember?

The ones they are holding Marketing Floor Plans on!

Help potential buyers narrow their options before spending hours (days? weeks?) of their time (and yours) on site tours of homes that might not really meet their needs. Use your time more efficiently, effectively and close more deals.

A recent survey concluded that more than 1 out of 3 buyers come from the internet and that number is expected to climb dramatically. Are you getting top value from your marketing dollars?

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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